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Please contact us to make an appointment at LiveWell Healthcare Group during business hours. We strive to schedule appointment times that will best suit you.

Appointments at LiveWell Healthcare Group

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All new patients of LiveWell Helathcare Group

All new patients of LiveWell Healthcare Group are required to fill out our New Patient Questionnaire Form. Usually we ask you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete this, however please feel free to download our form here and bring it in with you. We also request that you bring any relevant medical investigations; medical imaging; medical reports to your initial appointment.

Not be able to keep your appointments

Here at LiveWell Healthcare Group we understand that sometimes you may not be able to keep your appointments. In this circumstance, please give notice to our clinic at least 24 hours prior. Our cancellation policy states that should you cancel last minute or fail to attend an appointment without notice, you may be required to pay the late cancellation or failure to attend fees.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment at LiveWell Healthcare Group please call (07) 4724 2592 during business hours or email the clinic at and we will do our best to schedule an appointment time that will best suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, view our FAQ’S
Q: Do I need a referral for LiveWell Healthcare Group?

 To see our pain specialists or psychologist you will require a referral from your GP and or specialist. All other health professionals do not require a referral but can provide an Enhanced Primary Care Program if you wish..

If you have a referral, your referral should outline your diagnosis and any other relevant medical history. This will also ensure we can work closely with your treating GP and/or specialist to give you the tailored program you require.

Q: Are there any Medicare or private health fund rebates/Workcover/Qcomp/Private Health Fund?

Yes. See below for more details.

Private Health Funds

Private patients may receive a rebate from their private health fund if cover includes ancillary services for occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and psychology. If you’re unsure, give your health fund a call and they can confirm this information for you. LiveWell Healthcare Group also offers HICAPS to provide you with on-the-spot health fund rebates.

Enhanced Primary Care Program

A rebate from Medicare may be available if your GP approves you for the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program. Patients are entitled to 5 Allied Health consultations per year as allocated by the referring GP.

Workers’ Compensation, CTP, DVA, and Defence

Patients with approved Workers Compensation Claim, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) and Department of Veterans’ Affairs do not have to pay for their consultations. We will directly bill the relevant insurance company or DVA. Referrals are required and an up to date medical certificate for Workers Compensation patients.

MHCP (Mental Health Care Plan)

20 sessions per year.

Q: What should I bring to my appointment?
  • Your referral
  • Any relevant x-rays, scans, tests and reports
  • Your health fund card
  • Your Medicare card
  • Your workers compensation medical certificate and claim number information if applicable.
Q: What’s involved in the initial consultation?
An in-depth assessment involving past history, current presenting symptoms, goals, and a physical assessment. From this initial consultation, your clinicians will develop a detailed treatment plan. If a medical practitioner has referred you, a letter/report will be sent to the referring practitioner.
Q: Why would I see a psychologist for my pain?

Pain has biological, psychological and emotional factors and may cause feelings such as anger, hopelessness, sadness and anxiety. To treat pain effectively you must address the physical, emotional and psychological aspects. Understanding and managing the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that accompany the discomfort can help you cope more effectively with your pain, and can actually reduce the intensity of your pain.

Q: I have already seen a physiotherapist, how is this different?
Physiotherapy treatment for chronic pain aims to empower people to manage their conditions. Self-management strategies are part of a person’s centred approach that looks to educate people around pain science, lifestyle modification and the optimisation of function and independence. There is often a less hands on approach although manual therapy and other pain relief modalities may be indicated.
Q: Will treatment hurt?
While most treatments are designed to improve your function and decrease pain, there can be occasional discomfort during various activities. There should not be elevated pain for any length of time following exercise or treatment. If this is the case then these techniques may not be suited, and modifications can be made to better suit your needs.
Q: Will you cure my pain?

While complete pain relief would be optimal, at LiveWell Healthcare Group we aim to enable patients to better manage their pain and re-engage in meaningful activity. This often comes with some reduction in pain but a complete resolution of pain is not always feasible.

Q: DVA Card Holders

For DVA White and Gold card holders we require either a completed D0904 form (available here), or a GP referral letter printed onto your company letterhead, which can be emailed to or faxed to (07) 44 22 0233

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs also require that the referral specify which service is being requested.

For example: Thank you for seeing ……………………………… for Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Psychology

Q: Work Cover Patients

WorkCover patients being referred to LiveWell Healthcare Group will need to have a GP referral as well as a current medical certificate with a claim number and expiry date.

This can be either emailed to or faxed to (07) 4422 0233, or alternatively given to the patient to bring along to their appointment.

Q: Private Patients

To refer a private patient to LiveWell Healthcare Group, you have a few options depending on the treatment required.

Enhanced Primary Care Program:

For patients with chronic disease and who are on a chronic disease management plan, we will require a completed EPC referral as well as a GP referral letter. Please be sure to allocate appointments for Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiotherapy as required.

This can be either emailed to or faxed to (07) 4422 0233, or alternatively given to the patient to bring along to their appointment.

Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan:

For patients who require consultations with our psychologist they can be referred under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Plan. For these patients we will require a current Mental Health Plan as well as a GP referral letter.

This can be either emailed to or faxed to (07) 4422 0233, or alternatively given to the patient to bring along to their appointment.

General Private Referral:

We also accept stand alone GP referrals. In this circumstance, patients fund their own treatment which can include the use of their own private health insurance.