Physiotherapy Service

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Physiotherapy For Acute Injuries

You need Physiotherapists in the acute stage of an injury to get you back to your functional best. Our Physiotherapists will help you find efficient ways to restore your best physical function after an injury, as well as finding ways to prevent future injuries.

Our Physiotherapists at our Acute Injury Management Centre diagnose and treat the following:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Work injuries
  • Postural irritations

We help restore physical function with a range of treatment techniques such as:

  • Manual therapy
  • Injury specific exercise prescription
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Activity and function training and intervention
Our physiotherapists are highly trained. They provide you with appropriate treatment options and interventions for your best outcome. Our goal is to work with you through your recovery to get you back to your functional best

Physiotherapy For Chronic Pain

Our Physiotherapists at the LiveWell Healthcare Group for Chronic Pain know that long term pain influences many parts of your life. For that reason, our Physiotherapists are able to assess, discuss and treat many components of your pain. We appreciate that for some people with chronic pain, your pain may have many components to it and often be difficult to explain. We take the time to receive this information because we know it’s important to your recovery.

Our Physiotherapists appreciate that there may be:

  • Multiple causes or contributing factors to your pain
  • Sometimes you’re keen to understand why you have pain

Our Physiotherapists critically identify and discuss with you:

  • Your situation
  • The important aspects of your functioning that you most want assistance with
  • The importance of addressing key features of your pain that is influencing your function

Our Physiotherapists often include the following when treating chronic pain patients:

  • Education regarding the pain process and how to achieve a functional improvement
  • An approach to improving cardiovascular health and general fitness
  • Strategies to ensure a gradual increase in function does not cause unacceptable increases in pain
  • Biomechanical training
  • Manual therapy were necessary

Pre-Operative Intervention

Pre-operative management is an important component in optimising the outcome of a procedure. While the need for rehabilitation following surgery is well known, the importance of pain management and exercise prior to surgery isn’t always appropriately covered. Because of the many months of pain and reduced activity leading up to surgery, muscles become weaker, and walking, balance and fitness deteriorate. We ensure that our team focuses on key pre-operative areas of improvement to ensure your best possible post-operative outcome.